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QC's Week 14 Thoughts

It is funny to listen to the fantasy football gurus question Denver because P-rex has not astro-passing numbers the last few weeks. The fantasy perspective totally misses the point that the '14 Broncos are a better team than the record-setting '13 version. Denver's 6.216 D-QCYPA was the best in the AFC going into its Week 14 meeting with Buffalo and Bills QB Kyle Orton (5.9982) could not even muster that. While P-rex did not throw a TD pass for the first time in over 50 games, his 8.650 QCYPA was outstanding. The Broncos remain rock solid Super Bowl contender and actually may be better suited for a trip to Foxboro than P-rex has ever been.


On the other hand, Philadelphia showed its nothing more than a Super Bowl pretender in a 24-14 loss to Seattle. QB Mark Sanchez could generate only 5.100 QCYPA against the surging Seahawks defense. In the Eagles only other loss, a 53-20 wipeout at Green Bay, Philadelphia was -4 turnovers. Sanchez is more than adequate against bad defenses like Carolina, Tennessee and Dallas. But it would be stunning if he could get the Birds to Glendale for Super Bowl 49.


It's too bad St. Louis' pass rush did not rush to participate in the 2014 season. In the first 5 games of the year, the Rams faced 141 pass attempts, but registered only 1 sack for minus-4 yars, an microscopic average of .028 yards lost per pass attempt. St. Louis was 1-4 in those games. Since that time, the Rams are 5-3 and has sacked opposing quarterbacks 34 times for 231 yads in losses on 294 pass attempts, a robust average of .786 yards lost per pass attempt. (By comparison, Carolina's .753 figure in 2014 is the best pass pressure figure for an entire year since QC began keeping coaching statistics). If St. Louis has pressured passers at that rate all year, the Rams would be fighting for a playoff berth rather than merely looking to spoil seasons in Arizona and Seattle.


When Tennessee (2-11) hosts the New York Jets (2-11) this Sunday, it will be the first time since Week 15 of 2008 that teams with 4 or fewer combined wins have met in Week 15 or later in the season. While there is no dominantly good team in 2014, there is no shortage of dominantly bad teams as Oakland, Jacksonville, and Tampa Bay join Tennessee and the Jets as teams who have won only a couple of games. All of these teams have negative play design and negative turnover differentials.

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